DIY Marketing: 1st Commandment!

Plenty of burgeoning food businesses want to market themselves, but are confused as to where they should begin; and while everyone is buzzing about Twitter, Facebook, and having a fabulous website, it seems some have forgotten what marketing is all about…and what it can be!

Contrary to popular belief, marketing your idea or business is more than just a #hashtag, and it starts waaaayy before you come up with a cool name. 


Aspiring cake bakers…read on!

Here is the first DIY Marketing Commandment:

Thou Shalt Do Thine Research

Congrats! You have a fabulous idea and you’re all ready to Tweet about it, but WAIT! Have you researched who in your area is already doing your idea? 

It’s a harsh reality when you find that someone else is running a dim sum food truck in your neighbourhood, or provides the same green catering service down the block, but doing your research can save you time and money by keeping you from launching something that already exists – or help you to launch something more successful.

Maybe during your research you find a unique take on an idea, or maybe a way that you can out-compete the existing businesses (think costing less or making it go green). Maybe you discover there is no competition at all, or that the business has terrible reviews, which gives you the opportunity to poach clients!

Market research helps you position your brand/product and gives you a good idea of who your target market is.

Research can seem laborious, but it can be made easier by following these five roadmaps:

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