Making Chicago Home is a full service communications company that provides complete consulting services for individuals and companies in the food and agriculture industry who are curious or conscious of sustainability and seasonality of locally (Midwestern) sourced food.

Devin Kidner

Founder/Owner Devin Kidner has extensive experience in marketing, branding, communications, and the local food/agriculture industry.

She was recently chosen to speak at the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship’s symposium, Recipe for Success, a conference for urban farmers and food entrepreneurs, held on 3 May.

Devin has served as the Co-Chair of Club Sprouts, the childrens’ program at Green City Market; is a member of the EcoMyths Alliance, NFP Auxiliary Board; is managing marketing initiatives for Slow Food Chicago’s new program, Snail of Approval, which honors local restaurants and food businesses that exemplify the principles of Slow Food and contribute to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of food in our community; and she graduated with a Masters in Journalism from Medill at Northwestern University, where she specialized in Food Movements in the City of Chicago.

Devin is currently collaborating with Meal Sharing to teach cooking classes throughout the Chicago area.

MCis unique in that we learn everything about a company’s brand and vision, and never suggest cookie-cutter solutions for marketing, branding, and communications needs. By intimately knowing each client’s brand, we are able to personally tailor solutions that are grounded in both traditional research, and modern approach, emphasising education, storytelling, and transparency.

To us, businesses are more than a #hashtag. They are a growing, living dream that serve not only to nourish clients, but help to give back to the farmers, the land, the animals, and the local economy.

Check out some of our clients:

Meadow Haven Farm
Nordic Creamery
EcoMyths Alliance, NFP


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  1. Hi Devin! Great to see what you are doing in the Chicago area. I am working on a similar model in Nashville and would love to talk with you. Please feel free to give me a shout at your convenience. Meanwhile, my website is corbininthedell.com.

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