Vote for Me and help me get to Italy!

Hey y’all!

Every once and a while, something really cool happens, and I just have to reach out to the public and ask for your support!


Just recently, my cocktail, Maui in the Midwest, became a finalist in the Slow Food Speakeasy cocktail competition. Out of the 12 finalists, the top 4 will get to go to Italy this October to represent the USA at Slow Food’s annual Terra Madre conference in Turin!

My cocktail isn’t just delicious, it’s steeped in Midwestern history! Using pawpaws, “the Midwestern banana”, from local farmer, Oriana’s Orchard, local raw honey from Ellis Family Farm, tart cherry sider from Seedling Fruit, and of course, local, organic vodka from Koval Distillery, my cocktail is a creamy, dreamy tropical-inspired drink using only sustainable, local Midwestern ingredients!

Talk about Slow Food! :o)

All I need you to do is to vote, every day, using your e-mail address until 19 June!

Please help me out and vote!!!!



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