Sign up today for your MEAT CSA!

Sign up today for your MEAT CSA!

If you’ve been thinking about buying local, sustainable meat from an awesome farmer, here’s your chance! Meadow Haven Farm’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programme starts back up THIS SATURDAY 3 MAY at Green City Market!

Sign up today and pick up your meaty goods at Green City (located in Lincoln Park, across from Farm at the Zoo of Lincoln Park Zoo) THIS Saturday!

5 Reasons why you should sign up for a Meat CSA:

1. CSAs invest in local farmers. Mariano’s probably won’t notice a big difference if you don’t shop there, but buying from a farmer makes an immediate difference, putting money in her/his back pocket, providing cash flow early in the season, and ensuring their farm will stay up and running.

2. Local Food Tastes Better. Meadow Haven Farm’s beef is 100% grass-fed and finished, all the animals (cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys) are pasture-raised. They graze on many acres of beautiful certified organic land, and they are well tended to. Every cut of meat is delicious, and you can believe it’s because of their organic diet, their ability to get exercise, connect with the land, and feel the sunshine on their bodies!

3. The Money You Spend Stays in the Community. Read more, here!

4. You’re Ensuring the Land and Animals are Well Taken Care Of. It’s not rocket science, just nature. Meadow Haven Farm is a steward of the land, and not only is their land certified organic, but they take good care of their animals. You’ve heard horror stories about pigs who can’t turn around in their cages, or chickens who never see the light of day, and you can’t stomach any more. Never fear. Farms like Meadow Haven make sure those animals, from birth to death, are given the best life. They’re raised like nature intended.

5. This Meat is Better for You. And Your Family, Friends, Neighbours, In-Laws, etc. Because they aren’t pumped with antibiotics or hormones, and because Meadow Haven never uses nitrites or nitrates in their cures, you’re eating meat that is better for you. It all starts with the soil. 

Read more about the farmers over at Meadow Haven, and come visit us at Green City Market, every Saturday, starting 3rd May!


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